This is an exciting time when you have lots of questions about your upcoming role as parents. CHP has pre natal "classes" once a month, on Monday evenings, when one of our pediatricians will answer your questions about what to expect after your baby is born, how our office works, available resources, etc. Please call our office to sign up for one of these informative sessions, at 630-848-1700.

Please review the "Are We a Good Fit for You?" section of the website and also verify that we take your insurance. If you deliver your baby at Edward hospital, designate one of our physicians as your pediatrician on your pre-registration form and Edward will call us shortly after your baby is born to inform us of the good news. Our rounding pediatrican will visit you and your baby within 24 hours of birth. If you deliver at another hospital in the area, have their in house pediatrician see your baby in the hospital and call us to schedule your baby's first appointments within a day after discharge, or according to the hospital's instructions. Please bring your discharge paperwork to your first appointment and any medical records that the hospital provides. We do not have access to records at any hospital other than Edward Hospital.

If you are delivering at Northwestern Medicine's Prentice Women's Hospital please let us know before you deliver.

For your reference:


2007 95th Street
Lower Level, Suite A
Naperville, IL 60564
Phone: 630-848-1700
Fax: 630-848-1718

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